Magic of Our First Workshop


The Nest Collective's first Mother + Daughter empowerment workshop launched a week ago. And "wow" seems like a fitting word. The experience was breath-taking magic. Bonds between mothers and daughters were strengthened. Renewed. Wow-ed.

5.22 Circle

We started our day with an hour asana. Within our physical practice, we literally connected through touch and a few partner yoga poses. As our bodies warmed, my own personal nervous-excited-thrilled energy shifted. This creation. This practice is not my own. It is indeed a collective experience.

I need to back up a few days. My own kiddos were both home from school with fevers reaching 104, sniffles and hacking coughs galore. The back of my throat felt like someone had stuffed it with Hot Tamales and cactus needles. Dramatic? Yes. Yes, indeed. I was struggling to teach my regular schedule yoga classes, play nurse to two sick kiddos... and launch my new business. It was brutal. But we got creative.

Blake mermaid

We sat in cold baths together. We sipped honey-lavender tea. We vegged on the couch watching way too many episodes of pre-teen-Disney-shows. I was spent. And yet each time one of the kids cuddled closer or when Blake hoarsely whispered "mama, thank you for resting with me, this is the best sick day ever" I felt renewed. Connected.

One of my biggest fears with being a working single mama, and starting my own business on top of teaching yoga full time, is wearing down my own relationship with my kids. There are moments of extreme stress and fatigue. ALL OF LAST WEEK. But the summertime cold and sore throats also brought us closer together. God knew we needed extra couch time. So what if we ate Chik-fil-A and pre-made Chicken Noodles Soup from Trader Joes all.week.long. We were in it together. Collectively. When my own fever spiked, and Ryker was fully recovered with every ounce of four-year-old-boy-with-a-mission-to-play energy, Blake kindly took over and I watched in wonder as she got him water, entertained him, and also put him in time out on her own accord!

The day before my workshop also marked the 16 year anniversary of my parent's car accident that took both of their lives. Yep. A doozy of emotions leading into Sunday's launch.

As I arrived at the Madison, I was reminded of some wisdom from my life coach. This event wasn't about me. Whatever the outcome, whatever the flow, it was about creating this community. A support system. A collective experience. After our asana practice, J'aime Radow, led us through some powerful, soul-shifting lifework. Written words fall short in describing the beautiful bonds of connection that were created, not just in the mothers and daughters, but between fellow moms to one another, and the young ladies themselves.

As we took our food break, sipping on Watermelon Mint Juice from Kaleidoscope, I watched in wonder. New friendships were being formed as we munched on peanut butter protein cookies and compared lives and made plans to see one another outside of this new created forum. Our youngest daughter was almost 8 years old, our oldest daughter in attendance with her mom was in her twenties.

One of my favorite bits of feedback came from a wise 11 year old soul who stated her love of the workshop, and how the only thing she would change was "have more kleenex!" Yes, yes there was tears a plenty. Tears from remembering mamas no longer with us, tears from reconnecting bonds, tears from hearing our daughters speak wisdom beyond their years.

Just as our daughters listen to us, we listen and learn from them. This. This magic. This is what The Nest Collective is all about.

5.22 Warrior Circle

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