Work It.

Manifest it.

Oh, my yogis, how often do we hear this? And how often are we equally guilty of throwing this term around as if it is a magic wand to all of life's issues/dreams/desires? You can put your wine-colored-henna-decorated-hands down. I'm right there with you. I've heard it. I've said it. I've believed it. I've doubted it. I've reinstated it.

For those outside of the usual share-circles and group-essential-oil-scented-hugs of the yoga community, there is still a new wave of living that invites everyone to dream big. Call out to the Universe. Click our credit-card-bought-red-Louboutins and become InstaFamous.

Do I believe in the power of manifesting dreams?

Yes, indeed.

Do I believe in whispering them only to my inner self?

No M'am.

Do I think that by simply stating, or rather shouting it to God and all the Universe, that it will come to fruition the moment it leaves my lips? Hmmm... Yes, it is quite possible. And also, no way, you crazy hippie you. Put down the Karma-jar, and listen up.

Aside from my wild mane and yogi-feet, I'm a 85 percent type-A, paper calendar toting, list-maker. So I am equally guilty of rolling my eyes to every Kombucha-sipping-philosopher. But there is a follow-up yes... yes, to putting ourselves out there. Yes, to hard work. Yes, to doing the hard work. Yes, to breaking from the hard work. Yes, to letting things flow naturally. Yes, to inviting and accepting help.

Many of you know my journey. It's been a doozy. Each step of the way new dreams, heartaches, victories, and desires have arisen. Doors open. Windows crack. Doors slam shut. Windows slowly creep down. A new door is found.

You get the picture.

Yet, behind every new beginning is a day of reckoning. Sometimes only an hour. Sometimes a whole year. Sometimes just a matter of mins. For example, as I build The Nest Collective yoga workshop offerings, my dreams are big. I hope The Nest is an avenue for greatness. Like any business, and life, Raising two kids, that is.super.expensive. Living off a yoga teacher's salary is rough when you are still trying to maintain mom-duties, dance carpools, competitive dance fees, volunteering, private insurance costs, up-keeping a home, etc. etc.

This past year, as I plugged my monthly budget into Dave Ramsey's EveryDollar, I knew I needed to invite some more abundance into my life (that's yoga-speak for add some income pronto). I tried retail. I even tried a MLM. Met amazing souls. Yet, I knew these particular positions were not in my own soul's alignment.

Yoga is my passion. Writing is as well. However, unless at the very top of these professions, let's be real, both pay that of a starving artists salary. The body begins to ache after teaching more than three classes a day... sometimes after one. And yet, do I see myself behind a desk? Hell-to-the-no. I probably could not say "hell-to-no" or show my tattoos at these desk jobs either... but I digress... and practically, having custody of my two kids M-F and being in charge of driving and picking them up from school also puts a wrench in scheduling myself into a traditional 9-5 job.

This morning, I fired up the lap top. I sent emails. I read rejection emails. I sent texts. I went on I sent another email. That fourth email had a response in less than an hour. I will be taking on a position that involves writing/PR/proofreading work. I can do it remotely. I can do it with a genuine smile. I can do it while building the Nest. I get to do it with a super amazing human.

Did I manifest this? Sure.

Did I do the work too? Of course. I am not just talking about brushing off the resume and pushing send on an email. I'm talking about learning and trusting in my own value and worth. Setting aside time each week to be mentored and coached by a business consultant. Taking classes outside of teaching to learn from others. To listening to that inner voice. To silencing the white noise that often comes from ego and fear... and others. To getting to know my own self.

Dear ones, soak in the value of others. It helps the reality of own worth sink into our often dense minds and guarded hearts. Each of my jobs and/opportunities that have arisen are due to building and nurturing relationships. To standing in integrity. And remaining true to my own self. I've turned down just as many jobs that I have taken. This particular new opportunity comes because my sister fostered and nurtured a relationship.

Half-way through typing out this blog post, a text message came through for another teaching gig starting in the new year. This one from a beloved fellow yogi.

One never knows what will pop up on our phones. In our lives. The question remains, are we ready for it? We will be when we know our worth. Know our value. Then work it.


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