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Magic of Our First Workshop

Wow. The Nest Collective's first Mother + Daughter empowerment workshop launched a week ago. And "wow" seems like a fitting word. The experience was breath-taking magic. Bonds between mothers and daughters were strengthened. Renewed. Wow-ed. We started our day with an hour asana. Within our physical practice, we literally connected through touch and a few…
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To All The Mamas On Mother’s Day Evening…

So ironic that on a day celebrating Mother's, cherishing us, giving us a momentarily reprieve with bouquet filled brunches, glittered cards, and coupon books galore.... I could not get to my computer until 8:57 pm. Hello reality. Hello single mama-hood. I somehow missed the brunch invite this year. And while there was darling hand painted…
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Meet Jaime Radow

Here at The Nest Collective, I am thrilled to partner with Jaime Radow. She will be the Special Guest Speaker at our first Mother + Daughter Empowerment workshop. We first met in line at Kaleidoscope Juice six months ago. Quickly discovering we shared the same spelling of our name... a few seconds later we were…
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Movement of Joy

Choices. We choose them daily, right? From the mundane of breakfast options to feed our children (yes, my darlings, strawberry spinach smoothies again. No, my dear four-year-old-son you cannot eat Oreos to start your day) to the outfits we choose to wear to roads we drive on to work.

This blog. This venture. This. The Nest Collective is far more than just another business venture.

It is a movement of joy. A celebration of the magical bond between mothers and daughters.

The physical movement, of course, in the form of yoga. And the movement within our hearts and minds that we an each choose joy. Daily. Often hourly.

As I drop my daughter, Blake, off to first grade each morning, she blows me a kiss and I remind her “choose kindness!!” in an often hurried attempt to impact and impart a lifetime of wisdom into a lanky six-year-old’s body. She’s got beauty, brains, and swagger. Her teal sparkle backpack from her beloved Justice bops up and down with the letter ‘B’ blatantly emblemed on her back. Like many a mama, I worry about my children as they enter their school day. Will they be kind? Will others treat them well? Will that dang backpack be too heavy for her slender shoulders because she snuck in *just* four more hardcover Magic Treehouse books?!!

At the start of the school year, I worried and ached for both my kiddos. A new school. New home. A time of transition fresh from their father and I divorcing. Both kids made friends quickly despite a few days of tears and fears. They found their joy. They choose kindness for themselves and others.

We found kindness in new friends. Their mamas extended playdates and birthday invites. They choose kindness. The circle of new friends started. Expanded. Included us into a new community.

Likewise, I welcome you to this nest. A community for mamas, sisters, daughters of all walks and backgrounds to gather. To collectively practice our yoga. To take what we learn on the mat and expand it into our daily living. Thank you for making the choice to land here!

Welcome lovies, let’s embark.

xo Jaime