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Sundance: Manduka Sponsored Future Party Flow

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While in Park City to teach at The Wellness Collective Winter Lounge at Sundance, I also had the opportunity to teach for The Future Party.

The Future Party is a creative incubator out of LA, that brings together an exclusive community of millennial influencers active in film, tech, music, media, and philanthropy.

Yoga at The Future Party was sponsored by Manduka.

Is there anything better than rolling out a new mat to practice on? Manduka sponsored us with their awesome eKO mat. I have used/taught/practiced on a slew of mats from the $ to the mega $$$. The eKO Mat provided excellent grip and padding. "Eco-friendly and made of natural materials, this non-Amazon harvested tree rubber mat firmly supports both your practice and our planet." I would agree.

The following images were captured by Filmaker/Photographer/Designer Mikel Darling.









Sundance Film Festival 2017: The Wellness Collective

What an honor to lead yoga sessions amongst so many great collaborators at The Wellness Collective Winter Lounge.

Held this past weekend at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah. Health and fitness experts, wellness consults and all-around go-getters filled the space with their magic energy. Bullet Proof Coffee, Hemplify, Rebbl Super Herbs, Four Sigmatic, and Thrive Market, were just a few of the amazing sponsors.

Soul Carrier brought me on to lead their Yoga and Intention Setting Session. We posed the question, "Where Do You Want to Go?"

Wellness Center 4

The cozy studio space looked out among the hustle of Main Street. Snow falling each day. Musicians. Artists. Go-getters. All stopped and paused for a moment in time.

wellness collective 2


wellness collective 3

Fuel: Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

Mamas often run on empty. And when I type empty I can literally hear the insides of my stomach growling in memory of "the early years." Ryker nursing constantly. Blake a fully charged two year old. Me, a wearied soul always hungry but often with little chance to actually sit down for a meal. The…
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Mother/Daughter Yoga Workshop

PAUSE. BEND. CELEBRATE. Join The Nest Collective Yoga as we nourish the unique bond shared by mothers and daughters. There will be mindful movement through yoga. There will be powerful connections renewed. There will be delicious protein cookies. For daughters, ages 8 and up, with their moms. Saturday. August 20, 2016 2 p.m. - 4:30…
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