Jaime Leigh Boonlorn

Jaime Leigh, the creator and founder of The Nest Collective, is the mother of two beautiful old souls in the form of Blake Emery, born in June of 2009, and Ryker Paisan, born in December of 2011. Their giggles, hugs, love of glazed donuts, mad style, penchant for red paint and gold glitter, epic sibling love for one another, and spunky (aka tricky, tiring) behavior fuels her to live upwards.

Parenting took on a whole new meaning to Jaime during the fall of 2014. Her yoga practice helped even out the very uneven, often jagged edges when her 11 year marriage ended in divorce. Besides a personal practice, yoga became her daily work as a 200hr RYT, mini yogis and Buti Yoga Certified instructor, as she shifted from homemaker to bringing home the bacon. In between dozens of teaching engagements at local gyms and studios, loading and unloading, buckling and unbuckling booster seats of her two kiddos, the idea to fully take yoga off the mat and into her and her children’s world was fostered.

Having lost both of her own parents at the age of 19, the sharp awareness of how short our time with our children is supremely heightened within Jaime’s daily life. As well as what it means to receive and give true unconditional love to others. And supremely important, giving unconditional, forgiving love to oneself. The no holds barred, I love you in the midst of a supermarket meltdown, I love you when the house is a giant cheerio encrusted mess, I love you when you look or don’t look like the way a mother “should” look, I love you when… fill in your blank. The love that has no strings attached. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Just love.

Through all the unexpected, often muddy, experiences she faces, she wishes to choose joy and bring that to others. Joy is the option. Moments before her parent’s car crashed, taking both their lives, Jaime’s mom stated “It’s going to be okay.” These words captured so much, and left a benchmark of hope. Her life experiences have invited her to define family in a whole new way. Knowing that family is created, blended, and celebrated in many forms. Jaime believes that family is the connection you have with your children.

Join her and The Nest Collective in celebrating your own joyful experience through the practice of yoga.